Meizu MX quad-core edition Android coming in May 2012

It's just been confirmed in the official Meizu forums by Meizu CEO J. Wong that they'd be producing their second big release with the Meizu MX name in 2012: a quad-core version of the handset! This is more than exciting for those of us who've yet to even get our hands on the first version released in Hong Kong late this year, this device running the greatest version of Android out there: Meizu's fully custom interface!

The first version of the device, just called the Meizu MX, totes the fantastic Exynos 4210 dual-core processor from Samsung that you'll also remember from the original Galaxy S II. This processor portends the next generation Meizu which may well be running with the Samsung Exynos 4412 quad-core chip. You can bet your biffy this device will be quick as a whistle.

All this in addition to Wong noting a few additional details which include Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich being developed for the new release, this providing Meizu's UI with a whole new level of awesome under the digital hood. Having tried an early build with an Android 4.0 base just this past week, I can tell you thus: once they get the whole show on the road, this device will be one to be reckoned with! Now they've just got to promote themselves as being the most unique and simple to use and they'll be shot off into outer space!

[via TechOrz]