Meizu M8 MiniOne Hitting Stateside For CES

In case you've forgotten, the M8 is the device that works like an iPhone, now looks like an iPod Touch. It also has storage capacities from like 2GB all the way up to 16GB, and I think it even has 3G, the stats aren't really set in stone yet so it's hard to tell.

Personally, I'm cool with a device that's just close to the iPhone, sure, it might piss some people off, but I'd be really cool with it if when it lands it does have 3G, preferably EV-DO, but that's just me. Anyways, Meizu will apparently be showing off the device in January at CES and then plans to begin selling it stateside by February.

So, if like me, you don't mind the questionable origins of the device you are packing as long as it works, you should be able to get one shortly. On the other hand, it would be awesomely hilarious if Apple turned around and ripped off Meizu's design for their new 3G iPhone, talk about getting 0wned.

Meizu M8 MiniOne coming to CES in January [via newlaunches]