Megaupload Copyright suits begin with ValCom for $42m

Chris Burns - Mar 23, 2012, 12:10 pm CDT
Megaupload Copyright suits begin with ValCom for $42m

As the saga between Megaupload and the United States government continues, lawsuits are destined to come down strong from creators and copyright holders associated with the filesharing sites found distribution selection. The amount of cash that the group ValCom, Inc. is seeking is just part of the massive half-billion in copyright losses and $175 million in proceeds total the U.S. government has already calculated. ValCom’s $42 million in suspected criminal proceeds have been seized in and related entities raids thus far.

This suit, again, is likely just one of a torrent of legal battled about to be dropped on Megaupload as the U.S. Government lets known their findings in the case. This case is far spreading as Megaupload was at one point one of the top 20 websites in the world and certainly ranked amongst the top filesharing sites on the web when it was shut down earlier this year. President and CEO of ValCom Vince Vellardita spoke the following on the matter:

“Together with our friends at Microhits, Inc., we have implemented an aggressive initiative to acquire back-due royalties and compensation to assure that we receive all revenues that are due to the Company. Our suit regarding is one of many situations we have identified where ValCom is due compensation.” – Vallardita

This entire case is what the U.S. Government hopes will be a siren call to piracy kings across the web, shutting them all down entirely being their goal. Have a peek at our timeline below to see all relevant stories pertaining to the Megaupload case and filesharing at large.

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