Megaman X, X2 played at the same time with same controller

Some people have some insane skills. Some have an insane amount of time in their hands. And some are probably just insane. We still don't know under which category this latest YouTube gaming feat falls under, but it might as well be "all of the above". Not finding enough challenge in the Mega Man X and X2 games, YouTube user Aura Puffs took it upon himself to beat the game using the same controller, but not one after the other but at the very same time.

Mega Man games have a reputation for being rather challenging, so we wonder at the sanity of someone who wants to be challenged even more. Twice! Using the same controller is probably not big deal if you play one game after another. But playing them simultaneously? Aura Puffs says there are no cheats here, though of course some modding is to be expected if you want to get two games to use the exact same input device.

The feat does inspire some questions about the games designs. Are they almost so similar that you can play through the entirety of both games using the same actions? Did the designers intend it this way or is this more a subconscious by product of sleepless nights developing the game? And who really has the time and the sanity to pull this challenge off?

If the idea isn't mind blowing enough, perhaps the fact that he actually finishes and beats the game at the same time, which naturally includes beating the final boss, will probably knock you out cold. If you have around 3 hours of your life to wastespare, then grab some popcorn and hit the video below.

VIA: Kotaku