Mega Special Pokemon GO weekend event incoming

There's a "Special Raid Weekend" event coming to Pokemon GO this month, complete with monstrous potential for Mega Evolution. This event will feature more frequent raids of all sorts, including both five-star Raids and Mega Raids. If you're looking for the most worthy raids of the bunch, you'll be taking a crack at the likes of Timburr, Snorlax, and Registeel, each of which have the potential to appear as a Shiny Pokemon upon defeat!

During this event, trainers will be given twice the Pokemon Candy for catching any individual Pokemon. That's true of all Pokemon, be they post-raid or wild spawn. Among the many excellent Pokemon that'll be available in greater numbers than usual during this event, you'll want to seek out Slowpoke, Slowbro, Slakoth, and Vigoroth. Both Slowpoke and Slakoth have the potential to spawn as Shiny Pokemon, too!

All trainers level 40 and above have an added bonus during this event. If you're a trainer level 40 or above, you'll have 3x the chance to get Candy XL for catching Pokemon. If you are level 40 or above and win a Legendary Raid, you're guaranteed 3 XL Candy!

You'll also want to remember to bring along your Mega Pokemon and catch Pokemon of the same type. If you catch a Pokemon with the same type as your active Mega Pokemon, you'll get an extra candy as a reward. The same is true of Legendary Raids – get that Mega out!

This Pokemon GO Special Raid Weekend begins on June 12, 2021, at 10AM local time. It'll last until June 13, 2021, at 8PM local time. Make sure you're ready to roll for all the five-star raids and Mega Raids you can handle!

This event also runs through the "A Very Slow Discovery" event, an event that starts on June 8, 2021, and lasts until Jule 13. During this event, you'll find wild spawns of Gulpin and Vigoroth (no possible Shiny), and potentially Shiny versions of Spoink, Slakoth, Grimer, Slowbro, Slowpoke, and Psyduck.

Also during this event if you catch a Slowpoke and a Galarian Slowpoke and evolve two Slowpoke into Slowbro and Slowking, you'll get a Collection Challenge reward. That reward is 3000 XP, 30x Ultra Balls, and a "Slowpoke Forever" shirt.