Mega Man movie in the works from Fox and Capcom

It looks like The Blue Bomber himself is gearing up to hit the big screen. It's been revealed that game developer Capcom is working with 20th Century Fox and Chernin Entertainment to develop a Mega Man movie. While gamers should long know by now to be cautiously optimistic at best when it comes to video games being adapted into movies, the fact that the owners of the Mega Man franchise are involved could be interpreted as a positive sign.

As is usual with these early film announcements, there's no writers, directors, or even actors attached to the project at this point. However, another positive note is that Chernin Entertainment has been responsible for producing the successful reboot of the Planet of the Apes movie series.

Just about everyone who has spent a little bit of time playing a Mega Man game — any title, from the old classics to the modern collections — knows the "story": Mega Man is a robot assistant to Dr. Light and gets tasked with defeating the evil Dr. Wiley, who creates his own army of evil robots. Players must work their way through eight levels, each ending with a fight against a boss with a unique ability. Once defeated, Mega Man gains use of the ability for the rest of the game.

While it's probably a ways off before we even find out if the movie adaptation will be live-action or animated CG, but it sounds like the latter might be a better fit. Something in the style of Pixar's or Dreamworks' films seems much more appealing than a dark and gritty tale of a tragic hero.

SOURCE Tracking Board