Mega Man Mobile pre-registration is up, no rewards offered

Nintendo may be taking its sweet time to bring its sweet time to bring even just its characters to mobile, other Japanese gaming giants aren't so slow-paced. Square Enix, for example, has practically ported its entire Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series to smartphones and now Capcom is following suit with Mega Man Mobile. The company has just opened up its pre-registration page for the game but, if you were hoping to get something in return for being an early bird, no such luck.

The first six Mega Man titles that will be brought to mobile are the same ones that are collectively known as the Mega Man Legacy Collection. That bundle has already been made available on PCs, consoles, and handhelds, so, naturally, mobile should be next.

Based on the trailer video below, it seems that Mega Man Mobile will be a straight out port of the Collection. Hopefully that also means it will get the goodies from there, though probably not as much considering the data storage constraints on mobile.

Also clearly shown are the virtual buttons that will be the primary controls for the game. How that will translate into practice, however, might be the biggest concern. The Mega Man games are quite infamous for their level of difficulty that involves perfectly timed button presses. Or mashing them up mercilessly. Touch screen controls, in contrast, are notorious for not being mash-friendly. A game controller might be necessary to play this game without going insane.

Capcom still hasn't revealed when the games go live, except for a generic January date. And no pricing hint either, though $10 even $15 might not be unreasonable for all 6 games from an iconic franchise (Square Enix definitely does worse). And there are no goodies being offered for pre-registering now, other than bragging rights for being the first to know when it arrives. Mega Man Mobile will be available for both iOS and Android, though also no word on whether it will be at the same time.

Pre-register for Mega Man Mobile