Meet Google Support live support app for Nexus devices tipped

A rumor is floating around that suggest Google is ready to make it easier for buyers of its Nexus devices to get support when it's needed. As it stands now, support involves reading support documents and a live chat session with support. If the rumor is correct, Google is now working on a live support app. That app is tipped to allow the user to share their screen with a support agent.

With screen sharing, the agent would be able to see exactly what is going on with your device to facilitate faster and more efficient fixes. The app is being called Meet Google Support for now. This isn't the first time Google has been rumored to be at work on a new method of supporting Android devices. In the past, a hangout assistant was rumored with Android Silver, but that failed to materialize.

The main image here with the share screen prompt in blue is said to be a mock up of what the actual app might look like. The source of that mockup isn't specified, but it clearly shows a button that would let the user share their screen with support. Some sort of live chat or voice chat functionality would likely be included with the app as well.

If the rumor were true, this would only be for Nexus devices since Google offers no support for other Android smartphones or tablets. The app would certainly make the Nexus device more appealing to mainstream users who need more hand holding than power users who are most familiar with Nexus devices. The new app could launch with the HTC Marlin and Sailfish Nexus smartphones. Google has offered no official confirmation of the live support app at this time.

SOURCE: Android Police