MEEM is the first cable that backs up your phone

I'm terrible about backing up my phone. I generally only need to charge it overnight, so I simply dock it when I go to sleep. And since I'm only at my computer for the first half of the day, I rarely think about plugging it in to sync. Well one company wants to help you backup your phone every time that you charge it.

MEEM looks like any other data cable, with a strange growth on it. That little growth actually contains flash memory, which will be used to backup the contents of your phone. To my knowledge, this is the first time a charging cable has also been used as a backup device, which could be rather useful.

The cable works pretty simply. Plug it into your phone and to a power source. You'll be taken to a page to install the companion app. Once that's done, it will have you set a 4-digit PIN, which you will need to enter to recover any of the data that has been stored. After that's done, every time you use the MEEM to charge your phone, it will mirror the data stored on the phone. Should you break or lose your phone, just plug the MEEM into your new device, and your data will be back, safe and sound.

The MEEM might have a strange name, but it looks pretty useful. Currently, a 16GB Android version is available now for $49.99. A 32GB iPhone version will be available on June 15th for $69.99.

Source: MEEM