MeeGo Tablet Could be the Real Deal

Even if one could argue that Apple selling millions of iPads doesn't necessarily mean that there's a tablet market, if the intent of pretty much every tech company out there is any indicator, then there's definitely going to be one soon. And while we've already seen the conceptualized User Interface of the MeeGo tablet, it was far off from being an actual confirmation that a tablet running the new Operating System is on the way. But, thanks to The Wall Street Journal, that may have actually just happened.

Anssi Vanjoki is the Chief of Mobile Solutions for Nokia, and he had this to say during an interview:

"Due to the spread of cloud computing and new advances in electronics and network technology, mobile devices will increasingly move beyond smartphones to include other computer-like gadgets such as tablets, and the MeeGo platform will be an important asset for Nokia."

We already know that MeeGo is one of the pillars that Nokia is leaning on at this point, so seeing them want to implement it on as many gadgets as possible makes sense. However, just putting the same OS all over the place may not work for every company as it has for others. In any event, it looks like the MeeGo tablet could really be really real. Below, you'll find the video of the MeeGo tablet UI in action.

[via The Wall Street Journal]