MeeGo details spill: UIs for netbook & smartphone, more

Intel's developer conference kicked off in Beijing this week, and among the announcements there's talk of their MeeGo collaborative platform with Nokia.  That includes some UI examples – for both netbooks, as seen here, and mobile devices, which you can see after the cut – together with feature lists and roadmaps.  Nothing specific in terms of actual device releases, of course, but Intel have confirmed that MeeGo v1.1 should land in late October 2010.

Netbooks running MeeGo will get an updated UI that splits the desktop into various content chunks, linked to social networks, calendars, internet widgets and more.  The preloaded browser will be Google's Chrome (with Chromium as backup) while Firefox slips to being an option, and there'll be plenty of connectivity support including WiMAX, WiFi and 3G.  Multitouch and gestures will be supported in the underlying middle-ware.

As for mobile devices like smartphones, Intel are saying there'll be the Fennec browser, tight social network integration and cloud data sync.  VoIP is also onboard, together with 3G voice and data, plus location-based services.  As for the UI shots, they show a device potentially running in both portrait and landscape orientation.  Plenty more information and analysis at Carrypad.

[via Carrypad]