Medison Celebrity - Where art thou?

Remember that too-good-to-be-true $150 laptop from Medison? Well, they promised that once the first orders were placed, they would be shipping out units in 4-6 weeks. It's been 6 weeks, and as far as we know, no one has gotten their laptop.

Matthew over at Crave put in his order as soon as he could, and it's been exactly 6 weeks since his order was placed. He's put in a call to which is handling the orders for Medison Europe Limited, and while they assured him that his card has not been charged, they still cannot confirm when his laptop will be sent out.

The good thing here is that is handling your money, not Medison. actually has a reputation, so you know that even if you don't end up getting a cheap laptop, you're likely not going to get screwed if they never ship it. He hasn't canceled his order yet, so we'll let you know if it ever actually comes.

Six weeks later, still no $150 laptop [via crave]