Medirelax say 'balls' to soothing music

Let me take a quick straw-poll: who thinks that having a company name that sounds a bit like it should be a cure for constipation could impede business?  The people behind Medirelax obviously wouldn't be raising their hands; they're too busy putting people inside a big white 60s ball-chair and subjecting them to some serious "psychoacoustic stimulation"


No, that doesn't mean they rub them with an iPod.  Apparently being inside the orb for just six minutes can aid achieving a state of deep relaxation, although Medirelax also suggest it as a way of obtaining privacy or even somewhere to use your computer.  Neither being a sound engineer nor a brain specialist, I'm not really qualified to judge their explanation of how it all works:

"This technique is based on the natural function of the brain. Precisely defined stereophonic sounds are sent to each ear, together with special music. The difference of these sounds creates frequencies similar to those sent out by the brain."

The idea of my brain quivering rhythmically both delights and disgusts me; I just hope it doesn't start doing the jitter-bug and accidentally trip over into my ear-canal.

Medirelax [via Gear Live]