Medigus unveils world's smallest video camera

I spent many years working in hospitals and the cameras that are used for all sorts of procedures can be large enough that they just don't look like the will fit inside a person's body. These cameras are used so doctors can look inside the body and try to repair anything that is wrong. A company called Medigus has unveiled a new camera that is much smaller than the older cameras in use and has laid claim to the title of world's smallest camera.

The camera will be used in the medical setting for endoscopic procedures and is only 1mm in diameter. That makes it roughly the size of the head on an ink pen. The little camera will start being supplied to companies that build medical products in the coming weeks in the US and in Japan. The camera is supported on the back end by the Medigus digital video processing systems.

The little camera uses TSV (Through Silicon Via) method to enable miniaturization and reduction of the components and to reduce cost. The CMOS sensor inside the camera is only 0.66 x 0.66 mm and has a resolution of 45,000 pixels. The camera can be built cheaply enough to allow its use in disposable devices. This is a great product, a smaller camera means smaller cuts and that means less pain and faster recovery for the patient.

[via Yahoo Finance]