Media Chair brings ‘net access to more locations

Chris Davies - Nov 18, 2006, 9:37am CST

In the house of the future, sweetcheeks, every item of furniture will be internet-enabled.  Until then (I’m pencilling it into my diary for mid-June of 2034), we’ll have to make do with the Ronda Media Chair – a chair (of course) with an attached PC-screen for email, web surfing and multimedia.  It’s actually intended for airport lounges and other places where people are forced to wait and suffer heart-breaking separation anxiety from their home broadband; I mean, look at this happy model in his natty suit, feeling a whole lot better even though there’s not actually anything on the screen.  Just sitting in the damn thing is a high-colonic for the cortex.

Ronda Media Chair

Available with a choice of WiFi or wired-LAN connections, installation can be as simple as unpacking it and plugging in a single AC adaptor.  There are a range of colours and fabrics, and the computer itself is based around a touchscreen 10.4″ TFT with compact, backlit keyboard and trackpoint-style mouse, running WinXP Pro Embedded on a 1GHz Celeron M with half-a-gig of RAM and a 20gb 1.8-inch hard drive.  Special SiteKiosk software prevents anything too naughty being browsed for, as well as preventing user tampering. 

Ronda Media Chair

Ronda Media Chair [via Coolest Gadgets]

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