Medal of Honor: Warfighter announced with scant detail

This week the folks at Electronic Arts and Danger Close have released information showing their next title, coming soon – Medal of Honor: Warfighter. This game is set to be detailed heavily in the next few weeks, up until then gaining scant information including a full visual representation, likely the cover art, here in full color. This game will be the next chapter in the undeniably successful long-standing line of Medal of Honor first person shooter games and will be dropping this summer or late spring.

The game series Medal of Honor surrounds a "relatively unknown entity" of handpicked soldiers asked to serve their country, each of them controlled by you, the user. This team of warriors is known as Tier 1 Operators, and are, as the description reads, "living, breathings, precision instruments of war." This is a serious game with serious war situations, not a wacky kick your feet up billion-gun fun fest like some of this games opponents in the first person shooter environment.

That said, this game series is more than just entertaining. Past games have been available for digital download for PS, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, and this next release will certainly be as well. We've yet to hear if it'll be available for Apple computers as many such games have been as of very recently, and we're not expecting any other consoles at the moment – but who knows, another titan could come at any minute! We'll be checking this game out when it comes out – see you in the field!