MCor Matrix 3D printer uses regular paper

Why is it that whenever I hear about anything with the word "3D" in the title, the child in me perks up? Regardless of the reason, there's no doubt that the Matrix 3D Printer from MCor is pretty cool not just because it pops out prototypes on the fly. It also renders 3D objects out of regular paper. Yes, that A4 stuff!

3D printers or prototype machines are known for being incredibly expensive, and while this latest offering from MCor won't exactly put the devices in everyone's homes, it'll certainly bring that dream a step closer. In fact, it uses regular paper to build 3D objects and does so by gluing paper pieces together. And the results look to be fairly sturdy.

This would definitely lower the cost of printing out 3D objects, which normally requires polymer to layer on top of itself to build prototypes. If this piques your interest, keep your eye on Q1 of 2009 for the Matrix 3D Printer to make its debut.