McLaren shows off Speedtail design inspirations

McLaren is ramping up the production for its next hypercar called the Speedtail. McLaren will build 106 examples of the car with each of them already sold to lucky buyers, and the first deliveries are set in early 2020. Each of the cars will be unique, and McLaren is showing off a collection of design inspiration to get the buyers to envision their unique ride.

The first collection is called Urbane with three themes that give the car "a sophisticated look with calm exterior hues." The car in this collection uses subtle and cool colors with one of the cars being the Stratosphere featuring brushed light blue anodized aluminum brightwork. Inside the car has a metallic light blue driver seat with light gray passenger seats.

The second collection is called Visionary and has a car with an Astral theme that was inspired by the UK's nautical heritage. This car has an interior that is dominated by navy blue with nubuck navy passenger seats and aniline leather navy driver's seat. The outside of that car is in bright orange with silver pinstripe and white gold 18K badging.

The third collection is called Dynamic and has a car with a Bloodline theme with a red exterior. The driver seat is full aniline red leather with passenger seats in semi-aniline white leather. McLaren says that each of the 106 buyers of the Speedtail will get to customize their car down to the smallest detail.

The Speedtail uses a three-seat cockpit with the driver in the center and passengers to the side. McLaren says this is just as was used on the 106 McLaren F1 cars it built in the '90s. The Speedtail will offer a 1050PS hybrid powertrain and is aiming for a top speed of 250mph.