McDonald's new Happy Meal box turns into VR goggles

McDonald's has introduced a new Happy Meal box in Sweden that transforms into a pair of virtual reality goggles after the meal is finished. The goggles are the same as Google Cardboard and similar constructions — you slide your phone into place and look through a pair of lenses, enjoying 3D apps and 360-degree videos. McDonald's calls these 'Happy Goggles,' and has created a VR kids game to go with it.

The Happy Goggles meal box will only be available at some restaurants in Sweden; it isn't clear whether the company plans to roll out the novelty elsewhere, though it will no doubt be watching how well the goggles go over with consumers. The meal itself costs about $4.10, which makes this one of the cheapest ways for someone to get their hands on a pair of cardboard VR goggles.

Happy Goggles boxes feature perforated lines that tear free to form an unfolded pair of goggles. Fold them according to the instructions, insert the VR lenses, and then slide your smartphone in place.

Joining the headset is "Slope Stars," a VR game app that has kids taking to the ski slope where they'll have to avoid obstacles. According to the Happy Goggles website, this app is as educational as it is fun, teaching kids about how important it is to pay attention while on the ski slope. The game was made with the support of the Swedish alpine ski team.

McDonald's will start offering Happy Goggles on March 5.