McDonald’s launches Batman Burger in Hong Kong

Brittany A. Roston - Oct 3, 2014, 7:54 pm CST
McDonald’s launches Batman Burger in Hong Kong

The world seems enamored with burgers lately. First Burger King drew a lot of attention by releasing an all-black burger (we ate one), which included black cheese and black buns. McDonald’s ripped its idea off to a small degree and released a similar version in Shinjuku. Now the latter company is back with another burger of note — the Batman Burger.

The Batman Burger is exactly what it sounds like, only we must note with a hint of disappointment, it is not actually shaped like Batman. Rather, the egg-toting burger is offered in a blocky Batman box completely unrelated to any Batman-centric movies that might be coming out soon.

The Batman Burger is part of a larger meal that includes a second Batman box full of cheese fries called “Squeezy Cheesy”. The burger doesn’t have any unique identifying designs like black cheese or peppery patties — unless you consider egg to be unique.

The other two aforementioned burgers were both released in Japan, but the Batman Burger has been released in Hong Kong. The why question doesn’t have any apparent answer at this point, but sometimes we don’t need reasons to do something fun. It does appear, however, that other super heroes will be getting their own burgers soon.

SOURCE: Grub Street
Image via Imgur

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