McAfee Application Control for Android improves security

McAfee is a security company that has been around for a long time producing all sorts of software to help protect computer users from viruses and malware. The company is probably best known for its computer antivirus solutions, but it also offers a number of applications to help protect mobile phones and other devices. McAfee has unveiled a new security solution for Android devices.

The application is called McAfee Application Control for Android and claims to be the only security solution that resides in the Android kernel embedding in the operating system. The McAfee application offers Android users protection from the installation or execution of a malicious application on any Android device.

The software also provides protection at the application layer for Android users. McAfee's Embedded Control solution promises tamperproof protection and superior operational control of devices in the field and promises to make it easier to manage Android devices. McAfee says that previously Android security applications only operated at the user level.

With security applications operating at the user level, McAfee says devices were vulnerable to system-level attacks. By residing in the operating system kernel, the McAfee solution improves security for the entire Android stack. The software will block unauthorized applications and changes from being made on fixed-function point of service infrastructures for devices including industrial control systems, office equipment, gaming devices, automotive devices, and various hardware for military and aerospace use.

[via McAfee]