Mazda President confirms MX-30 EV with range extender coming to the US

Mazda President Jeff Guyton recently conducted a Q&A session where he talked about some of what the automaker has up its sleeves in the future. One of the topics covered during the session had to do with Mazda's plans for the future. Guyton says that the automaker plans to reduce the environmental impact of its fleet of vehicles by 90 percent by 2050. Part of the plan does include electric vehicles but will also include extremely fuel-efficient combustion vehicles.Guyton also noted that Mazda works with Toyota and other partners in Japan on a next-generation electric vehicle architecture. The executive did note that Mazda has never approached EVs as being the Savior for the industry. Mazda plans to use Toyota's hybrid system produced in Alabama in a new joint venture with Toyota.

Mazda's MX-30 has launched in Europe and is the automaker's first battery-electric vehicle. He said in the future that EV would be offered with a rotary range extender and confirmed it will come to the United States, but Mazda isn't ready to announce any dates publicly. Guyton says for the US market, the BEV with a range extender would be more appropriate. Many Americans drive longer distances daily than drivers in Europe.

Range anxiety continues to be one of the major reasons many Americans have yet to transition to electric vehicles. Another interesting comment by Guyton is that by 2025 he doesn't believe Mazda will be selling "much of anything" that is electrified. Another tidbit dropped by Guyton is that Mazda is aiming its vehicles at being attractive to folks shopping in the premium segment.

There's always the potential that means it's coming vehicles will push higher in price. He specifically pointed to the Mazda3, and the CX-30 turbo is holding promise for the brand in the premium segment.