Mazda expands US availability for MX-5 restoration parts

The Mazda Miata is the best selling two-seat sports car of all time, according to the Guinness World Record book. The Miata has been on sale in various versions over the last 30 years, and as the older Maita versions age, many of them need restoration. Mazda North America has now announced over 1,100 new and legacy parts for restoring Miata cars.Mazda says that it worked with specialty shops and Miata clubs to figure out what parts where needed most. All parts will be remanufactured in Japan using modern methods and materials. Mazda promises that the parts will maintain the look and feel of the era the cars were made in.

Mazda says that the extensive list of parts will provide fans with confidence in the restoration of the Miata using genuine quality parts. Among the essential parts for the restoration of Miata cars is a newly-developed fabric soft top that uses the same rear screen material form the original version.

Enkei Wheels is reproducing the aluminum wheels that are designed like the original using current tech to make them lighter and to give them a more protected finish. The parts included all sorts of other items from the roller for the side windows to brake piston calipers. Mazda says that the expanded parts list comes 30 years after the Miata debuted.

The parts list also includes a wide range of engine parts for restorations from connecting rods and crankshafts to oil pans and radiators. Al manner of screws and grommets are among the new parts as well. Mazda is also offering work manuals for the cars. All sorts of body parts, headlights, and weather stripping are also offered. Pricing is unannounced on the parts.