MAXroam - The SIM card for international travelers

Unlocked phones are awesome, especially if you do any amount of traveling outside your country. International calls can cost you a small fortune. However, an Irish company is offering a SIM card that could save you hundreds on your phone bill.

Cubic Telecom is selling a $40 SIM card that will work with many unlocked phones and will allow you to make and receive calls from anywhere for about 50-90% less than with your local carrier. The example given was a 20-minute call from the Bahamas to the US. On T-Mobile that would cost you $60, however with the MAXroam SIM it would only set you back $5.80.

If you're making a lot of local calls, you'll probably want to use a local SIM, as their rates are really only good for international calls. Also, your calls are being routed over the internet, so your calls aren't going to be quite as clear as you're used to.

New $40 SIM Lets You Call From Anywhere For Cheap [via consumerist]