Maxis offers inside look into SimCity with 9-minute video

We know you're excited for the SimCity reboot that's coming out in February. We haven't seen a new SimCity since 2003 when SimCity 4 was released, and Maxis and Electronic Arts know that you've been waiting patiently. That's why the developers have decided to offer its fans an inside look at the upcoming game with a 9-minute video on YouTube.

SimCity lead designer Stone Librande walks us through the game by building a city of his own from scratch. He explains the basic concepts of the game and mentions a few rules that you have to follow in order to really get going in the game and create your dream city (like providing electricity, water, jobs, etc.).

Librande demonstrates some of the strategies that you can use, like building casinos to increase city revenue and building train stations to bring in loads of tourists to those casinos. Librande also demonstrates some of the different views that players can switch between, as well as explaining some of the HUD items.

The game looks simply amazing and incredibly detailed. Maxis has definitely delivered here, and this video just makes us want to play the game even more than before. Hopefully they release a demo sooner than the February release date, and possibly some DLC in the future. Until then, we have our calendars marked.

[via The Verge]