Matrix 4 might be called Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix has become one of the most iconic films in recent pop culture history, influencing trends and idioms long after the franchise seemingly ended, from the now common bullet time effect to red and blue pills (that are admittedly far older than The Matrix). It has almost been two decades since the last film, however, and while it closed that chapter in the trilogy, it still left some room to pick things up again. That time might soon be upon us and, presuming this leak about the fourth film's title is correct, it's going to try to squeeze a bit more out of the franchise while there are still people around who know it by heart.

That there would be a Matrix 4 was never really in question as shooting actually wrapped up already. In fact, it was exactly because that's the case that we're hearing this rumor about the film's title. And, of course, it won't "Matrix 4".

The clue comes from a makeup artist involved in the film's production. She showed off a gift and a note from the producers, thanking the crew for their work. The insides of the coat bore the equally iconic "Matrix code" along with the stylized word "Resurrections" running down in the middle. Fans, of course, latched on to this, speculating that Matrix 4's title would be "Matrix Resurrections".

If true, the title could still be interpreted in numerous ways. Given that Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne-Moss will be reprising their roles, it's almost too easy to conclude they will be returning. The Matrix Revolutions did hint that Neo's story isn't over yet but nothing has really been straightforward in The Matrix anyway.

Good thing we won't have to wait too long to get our answers. Initially slated for 2022, Matrix 4, a.k.a. Matrix Resurrections, was surprisingly pulled forward for a 2021 debut instead. Given the significance of the film in history and advancements in technology over the years, expectations will definitely be riding high and the consequences for failure will also be greater.