Matias Folding Keyboard - great for users on the go

If you have ever used a laptop, the smaller the better for this example, then you know that the keyboards on those ever-shrinking devices just aren't even close to the keyboard on your desktop. Well, now, you can get the convenience of mobility and compactness that your mobile computer offers up, but with a full sized keyboard.

It even has a separate num pad, I am not in accounting or anything that uses a significant amount of numbers, but my num pad on my desktop is still nearly invaluable. So if you are in a number-intensive field then using the num pad that you have to use a function key to access is probably less than ideal to say the least.

It is a full sized keyboard, but it folds up to about 10-inches long and weighs in just under a pound at 15.3 ounces. You can get them now for about $60, which, last time I went shopping for a regular keyboard, let alone a mobile folding one, was about on par with any other respectable keyboard.

Folding keyboard makes typing easier while on the road [via coolest-gadgets]