Matias Ergo Pro Keyboard crams mechanical switches inside an ergonomic shell

Matias isn't exactly a household name when it comes to keyboards and other computer peripherals, but the company has a number of offerings. Matias had several keyboards on display this month including the Wireless Secure Pro keyboard that went up for pre-order this month. Matias is back with another keyboard for those that need ergonomics.

Anyone who types a lot and has carpal tunnel or other wrist issues knows that a nice ergonomic keyboard can save you a lot of pain and make the workday more enjoyable. If you are the sort that is particular about what keyboard you use and prefer mechanical keys with lots of tactile feedback, finding a keyboard can be a challenge.

Matias has unveiled its new Ergo Pro Keyboard and it combines mechanical keys with a split ergonomic layout. That means you can get the comfort your wrists need with the high tactile feedback of mechanical keys. The keyboard will sell for $200 making it rather expensive.

The good news for those that work around you is that the Ergo Pro keyboard uses what the company calls Quiet Click mechanical keys promising tactile feedback with less sound. The keyboard halves allow you to choose the most comfortable spacing. The keyboard also has a stand that allows 9-degrees of tenting and 4.5-degrees of negative tilt.

SOURCE: EverythingUSB