Matchbox is going green just like real automakers

Kids and adults worldwide collect small cars made by companies like Hot Wheels and Matchbox. Matchbox cars are taking a page from the green manuals of real automakers and is going green. Matchbox says it is moving to use either recycled or recyclable materials in its toys and packaging by 2030.

Just like real automakers, Matchbox also says that it's going to increase the number of EVs in its lineup and include EV chargers in fuel-station playsets. One of the first steps Matchbox will take is to eliminate plastic from its packaging.

The elimination of plastic has already begun with Matchbox packaging its "Power Grabs" line with paper packaging that looks decisively old-school. The company is using Forest Stewardship Council certified paper and wood pulp for its packaging materials. Matchbox is also turning to water-based paints rather than harsher types of paint that are hard on the environment.

As for why the company is going green, Matchbox parent company Mattel spokesperson Roberto Stanichi says that Matchbox has always been about realism and is a reflection of the world and the vehicles kids see on the roads every day. The company is now committed to using 100 percent recycled, recyclable, or bio-based plastics in all toys and packaging.

The company is also looking at revamping its manufacturing practices to make the production of its toys easier on the environment. Matchbox promises its shift also includes changes in the operating model and design thinking mentality within the company. Matchbox says one of the significant challenges it's facing is perfecting the heating process during manufacturing. Heat and temperature have to be perfect, or the resulting material gets too hot and warps or doesn't hold the shape required. The company plans to launch a small toy version of the Tesla Roadster in late 2022.