Android users more willing to put out

In honor of Valentine's Day, decided to figure out what the correlation was between promiscuity and smartphone platform ownership. That's for you. The result was that 62% of Android phone owners are willing to have sex after the first date. That sets Google's mobile operating system ahead of all other competitors. The least likely? Those stuffy Blackberry owners.

Specifically, less than half, only 48% of those with a Blackberry said they're willing to take that dive. The other 52% are probably either working on advancing their career or still trying to figure out what an iPhone is. On that note, 57% of iPhone owners admitted they could be swept off their feet and into the bedroom in the course of one night. And those aren't the only statistics found.

It also revealed that 72% of Android users have sought out online dating sites, compared to 58% of iPhone owners and just 50% of Blackberry customers. So Android wins there too; Android users also topped the charts as being the most likely to hit it and quit it. 55% said they would have no issues with engaging in a one-night stand. However, iPhone owners are the most anxious, saying they wait just one day to call someone after a date, while the Android and Blackberry crowd tend to more closely follow the 3-day rule. And what stat did Blackberry lead? Hopeless romanticism. 67% said they had experienced love at first sight.

[via PC Mag]