Massive video game collection nets $1.2 million on eBay

To most of us, having a ridiculously large video game collection that spans multiple console generations is merely a pipe dream. For one eBay user, not only did that dream became a reality, but it's now become a source of financial security, as a significant portion of his huge video game collection recently sold for more than $1.2 million on eBay.

The seller in question is 32-year-old Andre from south France. The collection he recently posted on eBay is likely the largest video game collection ever to grace the auction site, containing thousands upon thousands of video games from past generations. In fact, whoever purchased this massive collection will be getting every game ever released for Nintendo consoles ranging from the original Famicom all the way up to the Gamecube, along with all of the games released for every Sega system (eat your hearts out, Dreamcast fanboys). To make the deal even sweeter, many of these games are still factory sealed.

Andre tells the LA Times that he's always selling video games on sites like eBay, but this is the biggest collection he's sold so far. This particular collection took him 15 years to build, he says, and provided he gets his money, it will be taking a trip across the Atlantic to Canada. The cost for such a trip? $1,230.70, which is admittedly chump change considering the buyer already has to shell out $1,230,699.99 for the lot. Here's hoping that Andre just made a deal with a serious buyer.