Mass Effect Legendary Edition release date revealed: Watch the must-see new trailer

Back in November, BioWare and Electronic Arts announced the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This new compilation bundles together the first three Mass Effect games and gives them a fresh coat of paint for modern-day platforms. At the time it was revealed, BioWare kept footage from the remasters and a release date for the Legendary Edition under wraps, but today, we're getting both thanks to a new trailer.

The reveal trailer for Mass Effect Legendary Edition confirms that all three games in the trilogy will be remastered in 4K for this release, which is great news as all three titles are looking a little dated these days. That particularly true when it comes to the original Mass Effect, but no doubt its successors will benefit from the graphics upgrades as well.

The Legendary Edition also comes bundled with 40 DLCs across the trilogy, so it certainly seems like we'll be getting the full experience here. In addition to the support for higher resolution, BioWare is making some general graphics updates for all three titles, with the company saying that we'll see "enhanced models, shaders, FX, lighting, and depth of field." There will be a specific focus on the original Mass Effect – which launched way back in 2007 – as it'll be getting various gameplay and visual enhancements (which means driving the Mako may no longer be an exercise in frustration).

We'll also be getting new hair, makeup, eye color, and skin tone options for Shepard; PC features like native controller and 21:9 support; and performance mode options that will let us switch between favoring quality and favoring framerate on consoles. Pre-orders open today on Steam, Origin, PS4, and Xbox One, with the game starting at $59.99.

We'll see the title launch on May 14th, 2021, so release is just a few months away. We'll almost certainly see more about the Mass Effect Legendary Edition in the lead up to release, but for now, you can read more about the game over at its official website.