Mass Effect: Infiltrator released for iOS

The final chapter of BioWare's hit role-playing action series, Mass Effect 3, hits shelves today in the United States. While that game is available for PC, XBox 360, and PS3, there's also an iOS game available for the iPhone and iPad, Mass Effect: Infiltrator, that serves as a side story and add-on to the Mass Effect universe.

While the game isn't directly connected by plot line or characters, EA have added a unique twist to the title: any intel that you find can be uploaded to their servers, which helps your chances surviving the final battle in Mass Effect 3. Completing the mobile game also gives you additional War Assets that can be used in ME3.

Otherwise, Mass Effect: Infiltrator seems to focus more on action. You'll find your character ducking behind cover and exchanging salvos with enemies using swipe and tap controls. Familiar enemies from the Mass Effect games also make an appearance, and there are several boss battles to get to grips with. Weapons and armor can also be upgraded in the game.

Mass Effect: Infiltrator is available on the App Store now, and costs $6.99. Check out the video below to see how it looks in action.