Mass Effect For PC Confirmed For May 6th Release

Earlier in the month we brought you news that Mass Effect would be heading to the PC sometime in May. EA has officially confirmed the release date to be May 6th.

The game will largely remain the same, with only a few new features. A full breakdown of these is listed after the jump. Unfortunately the system requirements for the game have not yet been revealed.

New squad control interface – Players can now issue commands to individual squad members, providing a new level of depth to the tactical combat.

Hot-key functionality – Biotic powers and abilities can be mapped to individual keys, allowing a faster "run and gun" style of gameplay.

Re-designed Mako controls – Players can explore alien planets and engage in vehicular combat with an intuitive and fully camera independent control system for the Mako, their all-terrain vehicle.

New Quick-save button and increased number of save slots.

New decryption mini-game – A new decryption mini-game invites players to test their skills as they avoid obstacles and move their icon to the center of the digital mechanism.

New inventory screen GUI and functionality – The enhanced inventory system makes it easier for players to equip and modify their weapons and armor.