Mass Effect: Andromeda filled with poor animations, no day 1 patch

Mass Effect: Andromeda is now just a couple of days away from release, but early copies have already been given to reviewers and big-name streamers for promotion, not to mention playable previews via EA Access and Origin Access. Unfortunately for fans, it's becoming apparent the game has a couple of issues, namely poor animations when it comes to characters' movement and facial expressions.

While animation issued have been pointed out before throughout the game's development, responses from developer BioWare gave the impression it was due to early bugs, and that things would be better at release. Sadly, that's not the case, and now players are having a field day sharing clips and GIFs of hilariously bad animations.

This includes goofy ways of walking and robotic facial expressions during conversation sequences.

While all of this may be giving a bad impression of Mass Effect: Andromeda, the good news is that most players are saying the animation problems don't prevent them from enjoying the game. They may be a bit distracting, sure, but they're easy to ignore in the context of something like an important dialog sequence.

That's not to say the animations aren't something that needs to be addressed. These aren't the kind of flaws that should be present in a triple-A game release. Fortunately, BioWare is aware of the issue, but it won't be addressed in a day-one patch. Responding to fan questions on Twitter, lead designer Ian Frazier said there will be post-release patches down the road, but exactly what they'll fix hasn't been determined yet.

SOURCE Polygon