Mass Effect 3 multiplayer challenges finally approved for PS3

After months of injustice, the same online multiplayer challenges that Mass Effect 3 players on the Xbox 360 and PC have been taking for granted are now confirmed for the PS3. BioWare recently confirmed that it was because of Sony, not BioWare, that these online challenges were not being offered through the PlayStation Network. Sony responded to say it was looking into figuring out a solution.

Apparently that solution has been found. In a post on the PlayStation Blog with the tagline "Priority transmission to Alliance sodiers of the PlayStation Network: Reinforcements are coming," BioWare community manager Eduardo Vasconcellos boasted to the PS3 user base that the multiplayer challenges will now be part of the PSN experience. The first mission will be Operation Exorcist, which was announced earlier this week at a time when it was expected only Xbox Live and PC servers would offer it.

BioWare sets up the task with the story, "When it comes to retrieving classified data, Cerberus has been beating the allied forces to the punch. New intelligence has tipped us off to one of their offensives, and it is time to give the N7 teams the payback they want." The squad goal requires players to survive until extraction on any map, but on the daunting Gold level of difficulty. Successful completion of this awards the entire squad a Commendation pack. It's great to see the PS3 included this time around.


[via PlayStation Blog]