Mass Effect 3: Galaxy at War brings multiplayer for first time

One of the best sci-fi shooters I have ever played is Mass Effect, I really like this game and I am looking forward to the Mass Effect 3: Galaxy at War title hitting stores. The game will see Shepard and his companions fighting the Reapers again. So far, the other two games in the franchise have been single player only, though you had other characters to help you along.

The third installment of the franchise will bring with it for the first time a multiplayer system. Through Mass Effect games and applications, the player can help progress in the single player ode of the game, including increasing progress using the multiplayer system. The multiplayer features are enabled using an online pass code in the game box.

Player on the PS3 and Xbox can also purchase the pass code separately to play online. The game still has four-player coop play. Gamers can select from six classes including Human, Krogan, Asari, Drell, Salarian and Turian. The game will get DLC in the future to keep player playing away.