Mass Effect 3 Earth DLC officially confirmed by BioWare

BioWare is set to offer yet another multiplayer add on for March's Mass Effect 3, confirming that Earth will be the next war zone players will have to defend. We already had an idea that Earth was going to be the focus of the game's next multiplayer DLC thanks to a leaked product listing that popped up last month, but after getting a release date for the Xbox 360 version yesterday, BioWare has officially confirmed and detailed the DLC for all three platforms. Hit the jump for all the details.

Just like that leaked listing from last month told us, this Earth DLC pack will have players fighting off the Reapers, Geth, and Cerberus in London, Rio, and Vancouver. The pack also tosses three new weapons into the mix – the Piranha assault shotgun, Acolyte pistol, and Typhoon assault rifle – and adds six new human classes to the roster of playable characters: the Destroyer Soldier, Paladin Sentinel, Demolisher Engineer, Slayer Vanguard, Shadow Infiltrator, and Fury Adept.

The pack is getting a worldwide Xbox 360 and PC release on July 17, with the North American PS3 version arriving on that day as well. If you're playing on PS3 and live in Europe, you're going to have to wait until July 18 to download it. Like all Mass Effect 3 multiplayer DLCs before this, the Earth pack will cost the very reasonable amount of absolutely nothing.

For more information on Mass Effect 3's various DLC packs (and the controversy that surrounds some of them), check out the story timeline below!

[via BioWare]