Maserati reveals the custom Ghibli Hybrid Love Audacious

Maserati has teamed up with a Chinese clothing brand called CANOTWAIT_, founded by William Chan, a Chinese actor, singer, and trend-setter. Maserati and the clothing brand teamed to create a customized vehicle in the form of the Ghibli Hybrid Love Audacious. The car was made via the Maserati Fuoriserie customization program and was tailor-made to the client's personality.

That program allows customers to completely customize their vehicle to any whim they may have, with the most recent example being the Ghibli Hybrid Love Audacious seen here. The car was revealed on May 20, representing the number 520, which is a set of Chinese love numbers holding the meaning of "I love you." Maserati says on May 20, it's customary in China to celebrate love.

Ghibli Hybrid Love Audacious is painted a new exterior color called Digital Aurora. The color was inspired by sunrise and "magical Aurora light" and is described as purple with bluish hints. The paint has three layers and uses experimental pink glass flakes in the pigment to create a digital effect that Maserati says rides the "current Phigital trend."

Along with the custom and unique paint color, the car's exterior features custom Teseo 20-inch wheels in a color called Dark Miron. That color is part of the standard Maserati Fuoriserie catalog. The car also features custom badging, including badges from CANOTWAIT_ on the side of the car above the iconic Maserati air vents.

Other than the custom paint and wheels, the car appears to be essentially a stock Ghibli Hybrid. The vehicle is a mild hybrid using a four-cylinder 2.0-liter turbo engine paired with a 48-volt alternator and an electric supercharger supported by a battery. Maximum power output is 330 horsepower with 450 Nm of torque.