Maserati dismisses electric cars as “nonsense”

Craig Lloyd - Apr 24, 2013, 9:11am CDT
Maserati dismisses electric cars as “nonsense”

Electric cars have been all the range lately. Auto makers are increasingly coming out with their own all-electric vehicles, including Chevrolet and Tesla Motors. However, luxury exotic car maker Maserati has a different opinion on the growing trend. Maserati boss Harald Wester simply says that “all this discussion about zero emissions is nonsense.”

Wester says that people instead need to discuss “the efficiency of how the battery is charged, since “it varies strongly from region to region, depending on how the energy is produced.” And even while all-electric cars are still in their infancy and have room to evolve, Wester says that not even the best electric car technology is “ahead of the internal combustion engine.”

At this point in time, he does have a good point. You would have to evaluate and consider all that has been done to generate and deliver electric cars, including the emissions that were given off when manufacturing the cars, including the trucks that the cars were delivered on. Essentially, you would have to get to the roots of both energy sources (gas and electric) to find out which one is better.

Of course, it’s possible that Wester isn’t dissing electric cars themselves, but rather just the term “zero emissions,” arguing that making an electric car still requires energy that can give off emissions. Then again, when auto makers refer to “zero emissions,” they’re mostly referring to the emissions (or lack thereof) that the car itself gives off. What do you think?

[via China Car Times]

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