Marvel will create several exclusive podcasts for SiriusXM and Pandora

Marvel has announced that it will create a large number of exclusive podcasts for the SiriusXM and Pandora services under a new multi-year deal between it and SiriusXM. This is the company's largest podcast deal ever, joining one penned with Stitcher earlier this year. Marvel universe fans can expect the new podcasts to arrive on the platforms starting next year.READ: Marvel plans to release a new fictional podcast series with Stitcher

Podcasts have experienced a resurgence in popularity, resulting in the rise of a number of new shows across many audio genres. This popularity spurred the launch of dramatized audio productions from companies like Audible, which has released originals like its Alien dramas. Marvel has also dabbled in the action.

In addition to dominating the box office and creating a number of hit television shows, Marvel is bringing its universe to audio in the form of podcasts. The upcoming shows that'll result under the new SiriusXM deal will include ones featuring the popular characters Hawkeye, Black Widow, Wolverine, Star-Lord, and more.

Marvel is planning a total of four scripted podcast series, each of them featuring 10 episodes. A fifth series will also be created in which the aforementioned characters will team up in the story. As well, there will unscripted podcasts on Marvel's history, talk shows, series on Marvel franchises, and more.

Once the Marvel podcasts arrive, they'll be available to stream on SiriusXM and Pandora, including the free ad-supported version of the service. The precise release dates for these shows, as well as their names, haven't been revealed at this time.