Marvel graphic novels land on iBookstore

If you're an iPad toting fan of Marvel graphic novels, you can get your reading fix on your Apple gadgets via the iBookstore now. Marvel has announced that 80 of its graphic novels are now available for download from the Apple digital bookstore. It appears that at least one of these graphic novels is available free to get you started. Pricing on the digital books depends on the content, apparently starting at $6.99 and up.

Among the 80 graphic novels that are available that will appeal to comic book fans are Avengers, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Astonishing X-Men, and more. Content that may appeal to fans who aren't that into comic books includes Stephen King's Dark Tower and Castle: Richard Castle's Deadly Storm. If you have an Apple gadget other than the iPad, you'll still be able to check these books out.

The books are also available for the iPhone and iPod touch. You can download the books now via the iBookstore. If you grab one of these be sure you let us know how easy they are to read on the iPhone or iPod touch. I would think on the smaller screens a graphic novel would be a difficult read.

"Marvel is taking the world of comics by storm and releasing a massive selection of our best and brightest graphic novels on the iBookstore," said Peter Phillips, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Marvel Digital Media Group. "For the first time ever, fans will be able to easily find and enjoy all of their favorite heroes including The Avengers, Spider-Man and The X-Men on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch — one of the best digital platforms for reading comics and graphic novels."

[via Loopinsight]