Marvel brings back free comic book promotion

Remember last month when Marvel introduced a new promotion where you could download 700 first-issue comic books for free? Well, it obviously didn't turn out too well — Marvel's servers were slammed from the overwhelming demand from comic book enthusiasts. However, the company brought the promotion back, and hopefully they came better prepared this time around.Marvel promised that it would eventually be bringing the promotion back, and it looks like they kept up with said promise. However, this time around they're taking things a little more cautiously. Users who want to take advantage of the offer must sign up for it before midnight tomorrow, and the company will be sending out download links in controlled roll outs.

So it looks like Marvel didn't necessarily boost their server prowess, but instead they ended up just controlling how many people can access their servers so that they don't crash miserably. After you sign up for the offer, you'll get an email confirming your registration, and from there you'll sign in and can begin downloading your free comic books to your digital device of choice. Marvel plans to officially start the roll out this Thursday, April 11.

The 700 comic books that Marvel will make available for download at no cost include only first issues, meaning that if you want to read further into a particular comic book series, you'll have to buy the remaining the comic books in order to do so. However, this promotion could be a great way for you to discover new comic book series and figure out the ones you like best before dropping down money on further issues.