Marshall Emberton is a new waterproof speaker with a retro look

So you like the look of classic Marshall guitar amplifiers, and you wish you had one that you could use at the beach. Marshall just revealed a speaker called the Marshall Emberton. This device connects wirelessly with your smartphone or tablet to deliver "360-degree sound" in a speaker that's IPX7 water resistant.

The Marshall Emberton was quoted as rolling with 20+ hours of "portable playtime on a single charge". Marshall also suggested that you'll be able to get 5 hours of playtime out of around 20 minutes of charging time. So, assuming you've used the entire battery, you could hit up a power outlet with the included quick-charge plug and USB-C cord, charge for 20 minutes, and have 5 hours of wireless music play time ready to roll.

This speaker works with Marshall's own branded "True Stereophonic" multi-directional speaker technology. With this tech, they suggest they're able to "separate out spatial content of stereo recordings," thereby creating "a sound much louder and larger than its size."

This speaker has IPX7 water-resistance, which means you could accidentally drop it in water one meter deep and pick it up in just under 30 minutes without damage. Marshall suggested that this speaker is "park-certified" and "good to go."

Emberton has a "multi-directional control knob" for control of volume, play, pause, skip tracks, and to turn the machine off and on. Your phone delivers music to the speaker with Bluetooth 5.0, which means you'll be able to stay connected up to 30 feet away.

This speaker is the most "compact" speaker in the Marshall wireless speaker collection right this minute. The Marshall Emberton was made available for sale this week for approximately $150 USD from