Marriott shower door can record your doodles and notes

Marriott has developed a shower door that is able to record your doodles and thoughts, the ones you scrawl into the foggy glass during a hot shower. This is the first door of its kind, according to Marriott, which recently demonstrated the door on video. This isn't a mere concept, though; the company is kicking off a pilot involving its hotel in Irvine, where it will arrive next year.

Marriott revealed the shower door via the video below; details about the device aren't given at this time, with the exception of the user experience. Get in the shower and crank up the heat. As the shower door gets foggy, draw or write in it and those creations will be saved. You'll then be able to access your shower creations on a tablet, where they can be shared with someone else.

The video references this door as a "Splash of Brilliance" — it isn't clear whether that is the name of the room it will be available in. However, the description on Marriott's YouTube video says the door is in testing, and will be available to Marriott's Irvine Hotel customers for the duration of two months. Those two months appear to be slated as a public beta testing period of sorts, perhaps to gain feedback from guests about whether they like it or use it.

Whether the unique door will persist at that hotel past the two-month mark is anyone's guess, as is whether it will be introduced at other Marriott hotels in the future. The video lists a Winter of 2018 date, so it seems you'll have to wait a year before getting a chance to use the door in person.