Mark Zuckerberg shows off Jarvis, sounds like Morgan Freeman

Just recently, Mark Zuckerberg went into some depth to explain how he made his personal AI project possible. Now he's showing off just what "Jarvis", or "Jeffrey" to his parents, can really do. More than just Cortana, Siri, or Alexa, Jarvis can truly anticipate what the user, in this case Mark, needs or wants or even feels, a truly emotional AI. And he/it does so in the smooth, suave voice of Morgan Freeman, which makes it feel like God is talking to you.

Sure, Jarvis does what the likes of Siri or Cortana can do, like tell you how many meetings you have scheduled for the day or turn the lights off on cue. But Jarvis also does more, like anticipate what the user wants under certain conditions. Like entertain baby Max while daddy gets out of bed. It can even interpret what the user deems as "good" music.

Many of Jarvis' abilities naturally come from outside the AI, like controlling appliances and gadgets or monitoring cameras. But what it does with the data from these sources is what sets it apart from the rest, like applying facial recognition to automatically let people in. Or maybe even pretend that you're out.

As impressive as this demo is, Mark admits he has only scratched the surface of what's possible. After all, he just did that in span of a year. Mark is now seeking the wisdom of the masses to decide what he's going to focus on next. Like maybe filter fake news from Facebook.

SOURCE: Mark Zuckerberg