Mario Kart Wii to support 8-person Battle Mode

Chris Scott Barr - Feb 28, 2008

I still remember the original Mario Kart coming out for the Super Nintendo. My brother and I spent many days racing around the various tracks, however, what dominated the majority of our time was Battle Mode. Naturally we’re looking forward to rekindling the competitions in the latest iteration of the franchise. The biggest difference between the other games in the series is that we’ll be able to battle with up to six other people.

When Mario Kart 64 came out, it was incredible to be able to not only compete with each other, but against a couple of our friends at the same time. The thought of having 8-player Battle Mode sounds enticing indeed.

Every now and then news like this leaves me in wonder of modern technology. Sure, I’ve played MMOs with thousands of other people at the same time, but when you remember the days of Mario Kart being a two-player game it really puts things in perspective.

[via Wii Fanboy]

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