Mario Kart Tour will finally be rolling out next month

Despite the wild success of the Switch and its relative success on mobile, depending on the title, Nintendo is still the slow-moving company you've grown to love or love to hate. The gaming giant might have also learned to temper its mobile enthusiasm after less than encouraging revenues from its smartphone titles. That's maybe why, after almost half a year since it was first revealed, Mario Kart Tour's launch has finally been given a date once and for all.

Nintendo's performance on mobile has been a mixed bag. Long-standing franchises like Mario didn't do well in Super Mario Run while more niche franchises like Fire Emblem Heroes became its most profitable. Curiously, Nintendo hasn't tried putting out a Legend of Zelda game, which will probably bring in a whole different set of fans.

In the meantime, Nintendo is trying its luck with more Mario mobile games. It just launched Dr. Mario World last month and, next month, it will be launching yet another Mario game from a different world, from the whacking racing Mario Kart world.

Developed together with popular mobile game developer DeNA, Mario Kart Tour is billed as one of Nintendo's usual "free to start" titles. The beta for the Android version went out in May to give some idea of the IAP-laden game. If it's anything like Super Mario Run, it will also require paying for more advanced parts of the game.

Now Nintendo was fully announced that Mario Kart Tour will fully launch on September 25 but exact details, like device compatibility especially for iPads, are still kept under wraps. A new Twitter account made especially for the game has been launched, though, so interested players might want to keep tabs on it for more information.