Mario Kart indie crossover ready for Windows, Mac, OUYA

There's a game out there called Super World Karts, one made in the "16-bit era" of games, ready to roll with an "indie" cast of characters in Steam Greenlight mode. Of course there's also a Kickstarter. And of course it works for Windows, OS X, and OUYA – with more platforms on the way.UPDATE: NOTE and NOTE WELL, this is not a Nintendo production. It's made by Paul Hamilton and One-Legged Seagull, a development group which loves the Kart games of olde!

This game's claim to fame is its inclusion of many Indie game characters. The following racers are included:

• Mutt from Lobodestroyo

• Turing from Read Only Memories

• Tim Burr from Fist Of Awesome

• Elena from Whispering Willows

• Filo from So Many Me

• the guys from Toto Temple Deluxe

• Duck from Duck Game

• Sparky the OUYA Android edition

• A whole bunch more

The team behind Super World Karts suggests that they're bringing this heat in 16:9 aspect ratio, 1080p and 60fps, as wild as that sounds. It'll have achievements and collection goals on whatever platform its on. It'll have both character and track unlocks.

It'll also have controls for touch, tilt, and analog. Bust out your Bluetooth console controller, Xbox One controller for Windows, OUYA controller, and etc.

While OUYA, Windows, and Mac are included in this game's initial rollout, the following platforms are "stretch goal dependent," so to speak. Linux, GameStick, Wii U, Xbox (360 and/or One), and PlayStation (3 and/or 4).

"Inspired by racers I played as a kid, chiefly, the original Mario Kart game from the SNES, StreetRacer from the MegaDrive, and Wacky Wheels on the PC," says creator Paul Hamilton. "It is something I've longed to do, and to do right."


Paul Hamilton runs One-Legged Seagull, a development group on its way to indie-stardom.

Sidenote: Man, if I didn't know better, I'd think OUYA was making a comeback. If the number of times I've seen it popping up in the past few weeks is any indication, I'd have to say the team behind OUYA is making some big behind-the-scenes initiatives.