Mario Game & Watch will be this holiday season's sell-out toy

Today Nintendo revealed "a closer look" at their upcoming release in the rebooted Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. handheld game system. This little monster is an all-in-one gaming machine the likes of which look to the original "Game & Watch" series of handheld gaming systems for inspiration. This new version takes things up a SIGNIFICANT notch to a time when Nintendo's biggest competitors are smartphones.

The Nintendo Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. is a palm-sized gaming system with five hardware buttons and a directional pad. It's essentially the same size as an original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controller, with a similar button scheme. The biggest difference between the original controller and this device is that you don't need a television or a separate console to play Super Mario Bros. at all – it's all inside.

In this game, you'll have the ability to switch between the game, a paused game, and a clock. WAIT, what, you might be thinking, what's the deal with the clock?

The clock is in place because when most people play games, they've got a limited amount of time to play. As such, they must occasionally check the time. This device takes into account the idea that people are now used to being able to check the time on the same device on which they game – generally a smartphone.

The watch also appears here because the early Nintendo "Game & Watch" devices also had clocks / watches, hence the "Game & Watch" name. Of course!

The clock will include a total of 35 different animations with "some guest appearances from Mario's friends and foes." This machine can also be adjusted in three ways: clock set, audio volume, and screen brightness.

NOTE: This device includes two games. One is Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, a game that was originally released in Japan as Super Mario Bros. 2. You'll also have access to the game "Game & Watch: Ball" with "extra Super Mario flair" – that'll look a whole lot like the original Game & Watch screen, with LIMITED controls and graphics.

This game system works with an included rechargeable battery that'll charge up with an included USB-C cord. This system has a standard play time of approximately 8 hours and a charging time of around 3.5 hours.

The Nintendo Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. system will have a price of approximately $49.99, right around $50 USD, and it'll be available from Nintendo online and through retailers like Best Buy.